Aug 11

SPMI Voter Outreach Event Saturday August 27th

The Socialist Party of Michigan will be holding our Voter Outreach mobilization on Saturday August 27th in which we will hand out copies of our Voter Outreach flyer to residents in one of the districts in Detroit with the highest vote totals for Socialist and Green candidates in the 2004 elections. We will be meeting at 12:00PM at the McDonalds at the Southwest Corner of E. Seven Mile Rd. and Gratiot Ave. in Detroit.

Copies of the Voter Outreach flyer will be available for all members to hand out when they arrive. If you’d like to bring your own copies, you can download the
flyer for printing by clicking hereFor road closing information, visit the Michigan
Department of Transportation website
a week before the 27th or contact them by phone at: 1-248-483-5208. Directions directly from your starting point can be obtained by going to Mapquest and typing “Gratiot Ave. and E 7 Mile Rd. Detroit, MI 48205” as the destination. All SPMI members are strongly encouraged to participate in this important event!

Below are directions, from Flint, Ann Arbor, Kalamazoo, and Lansing.

From Flint:
1: Start out going SOUTHEAST on S SAGINAW ST toward MI-21 E/W 5TH ST.
2: Turn LEFT onto E 5TH ST/MI-21 E.
3: Merge onto I-475 S/UAW FWY.
4: I-475 S/UAW FWY becomes I-75 S.
5: Take the M-102 exit- EXIT 59- toward 8 MILE ROAD.
6: Stay STRAIGHT to go onto S CHRYSLER DR.
8: Turn LEFT onto 8 MILE RD E.
10: Turn LEFT onto 7 MILE RD E.
11: End at Gratiot Ave & E 7 Mile Rd
Detroit, MI 48205, US

From Ann Arbor/Kalamazoo:

1: Take I-94 East to the M-3/GRATIOT AVE exit- EXIT 219.
2: Turn RIGHT onto GRATIOT AVE/MI-3.
3: End at Gratiot Ave & E 7 Mile Rd

From Lansing:
1: Start out going SOUTH on TOWNSEND ST toward W WASHTENAW ST.
2: Turn RIGHT onto W ST JOSEPH ST.
3: Turn LEFT onto S WALNUT ST.
4: Turn LEFT onto W MAIN ST.
5: Merge onto I-496 E via the ramp on the LEFT.
6: I-496 E becomes US-127 S.
7: Merge onto I-96 E via the exit on the LEFT toward DETROIT.
8: Merge onto I-696 E/WALTER P REUTHER FWY via EXIT
163 on the LEFT toward PORT HURON.
9: Take EXIT 27 toward M-3/GRATIOT AVE.
10: Stay STRAIGHT to go onto E 11 MILE RD.
11: Turn RIGHT onto GRATIOT AVE/MI-3 S.
12: End at Gratiot Ave & E 7 Mile Rd
Detroit, MI 48205, US

May 31

SPMI State Convention June 18th-19th

The Socialist Party of Michigan 2005 State Convention will be held on Saturday June 18th through Sunday June 19th at the headquarters of the Kalamazoo Socialist Party. The Convention will include amendments to the SPMI By-Laws, state resolutions, SPMI proposals to the 2005 Socialist Party National Convention, electing officers to the SPMI State Executive Committee, electing SPMI delegates to the 2005 National Convention, and general discussion on party tasks. The State Convention will begin at 10:00AM on Saturday and last until 8:00PM. The Convention will reconvene on Sunday at 10:00AM and last until the early evening. Convention attendees are welcome to stay overnight at the Kalamazoo Socialist Party headquarters on both Friday the 17th and Saturday the 18th. Convention attendees who plan on staying overnight should bring a pillow and blanket or sleeping bag.

There is no fee to attend the Convention or stay the night, but donations are encouraged to help cover costs. Socialist Party USA national dues must be less than six months in arrears in order to vote or make motions at the Convention. If your national dues will have lapsed over six months past their expiration date by June 18th, you can renew at the Convention or beforehand by mail to the SPMI or SP-USA. The Kalamazoo Socialist Party headquarters is within a short distance from numerous local restaurants and bars, and bathrooms are available at the convention site. On Saturday evening there will be an SPMI Convention potluck and all Convention attendees are welcome to bring a dish.

The Convention is open to the public and all those interested are encouraged to attend. For directions email spmi @ or call (269) 598-0534

Aug 06

Brown-Herbert on the Natural Law ballot line

Friday, August 06, 2004In a surprise move that even caught members of his own party off guard, Walt Brown, Socialist candidate for president, was nominated by the Natural Law Party of Michigan to be its candidate on the November ballot.

Brown, along with his vice-presidential candidate, Mary-Alice Herbert, were nominated by the NLP State Convention last week, and have already accepted the nomination.

Originally, the Brown-Herbert ticket was only going to appear on the ballot as official write-in candidates, but since the NLP had not nominated anyone for their top spot, the campaign contacted the party and quickly secured the ballot line.

This will be the first time Socialist presidential candidates have appeared on the Michigan ballot since 1972, when the SP-endorsed campaign of Benjamin Spock was on the ballot as the Human Rights Party.

But Brown and Herbert are not the only Socialist candidates running for election. Three members of the Socialist Party are also running as candidates of the Green Party.

— Ben Burgis, a resident of East Lansing and a graduate student at Western Michigan University, is running for Mich. State University Board of Trustees.

— Lisa Weltman, a resident of Detroit and a part-time instructor at Mott Community College, is running for U.S. Congress in the 14th District.

— Lloyd Clark, a resident of Essexville and a disabled worker, is running for Bay County Commission in the 2nd District.

Jul 10

Working woman to challenge Conyers

On Saturday, July 10, the Wayne County Caucus of the Green Party of Michigan unanimously selected Lisa Weltman to be their candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in the 14th Congressional District.

Weltman, 40, is a longtime resident of Detroit and a well-known activist among working people in the area. She is currently an adjunct instructor at Mott Community College in Genesee County, Mich.

Weltman was chosen to be the Green candidate after she made a passionate statement about why she feels it is necessary to present a clear, progressive challenge to the incumbent, 20-term Representative John Conyers Jr.

“In the past, Conyers has put forward many progressive ideas,” said Weltman, “but in the last period he has sought to accommodate the Bush agenda of wars for profit and attacks on democratic rights.”

Weltman points to Conyers’ votes in support of laws that restrict the democratic rights of American citizens under the guise of the “war on terror,” his support for Bush’s “No Child Left Behind” legislation, and his co-authorship of a bill, with Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY), to reinstate the military draft as examples of this shift.

“I want to present a real alternative for working people to the politics of war and repression. The people of this district deserve a Representative who will be consistent in opposing the policies and practices of the Bush regime.”

Weltman says she intends to run a grassroots campaign, designed to “empower working people to stand up for themselves.”

However, according to the Weltman campaign, the goal is not simply to siphon off votes from the Democratic Party. According to a spokesperson for the campaign, voter education and outreach — especially to those who have never voted before or have not voted in a long time — is a central part of the effort.

“About half the eligible voters in this country don’t bother to come to the polls,” said Martin Schreader, spokesperson for the Weltman campaign. “The main reason for many of these people is because they do not think any of the candidates represent their interests. We want to change that.”

Schreader added that if traditionally Democratic voters decided to switch to the Greens, he would welcome it. “If a Democrat thinks they have more in common with the vision and principles of the Green Party, then they should by all means vote Green.”

“But we want [Weltman’s] campaign to be the one to reach out to and mobilize those people who have felt disenfranchised by the two-party system.”

Currently, the Weltman campaign is planning out its schedule for the next three months, including campaign appearances, interviews and other events. The schedule, when it is completed, will be listed on her website: [link].

Those interested in scheduling interviews or seeking comment from Weltman can call (313) 535-4234, or send an e-mail to LAN_EMAIL_SUBS.

Jul 04

No more war and an Appeal to Reason

Over a hundred people rallied at Grand Circus Park in Detroit, MI, following a march along Woodward Ave. demanding an end to war, violence and injustice.

On July 3, the day before countrywide celebrations of the American Revolution, young members of the Michigan Emergency Committee Against War and Injustice (MECAWI) spoke out against mass amounts of money going to war and imperialism instead of education and health care, and the drive to bring back the draft to send more working class youth to die for capitalist interests.

The Detroit Socialist Party, along with members of the Socialist Party of Michigan, mobilized to this rally and joined the demands for an end to the occupation of Afghanistaion and Iraq, the liberation of Palestine and money for education and health care.

As the struggle against imperialism continued, members of the Debs Tendency, a tendency in the Socialist Party USA, distributed the first issue of the new Appeal to Reason, a publication originally published between 1879 and 1922 read by hundreds of thousands of working people.

The Socialist Party of Michigan will continue its opposition to American imperialism until all US troops have come home!