Mar 02

March 18th Demonstration and Teach-In in Grand Rapids

The Socialist Party of Michigan has endorsed the March 18th demonstration and teach-in in Grand Rapids and SPMI members will be participating at the event.

Beginning at 11:00 a.m. at Veteran’s Park in Grand Rapids on the third anniversary of the beginning of the war in Iraq. Join community leaders, workers, religious leaders, activist groups, and people just fed up with our current state of affairs.

The teach-in will begin at 1:30 p.m. in the downtown area and will include focus groups with tools to organize follow-up actions against the war.

The rallying points for the event are:

*Stop the War on the Working Class

*Justice for Katrina Survivors

*End Occupations and Torture

*Bring the Troops Home

Click here to download the flyer for printing and distribution
Dec 19

SPMI Public Class-Discussion Series Beginning January 7th

Beginning Saturday January 7th 2006, the Socialist Party of Michigan will be hosting a class-discussion series on the book Socialism On Trial by James P. Cannon. Classes will run from 2:00PM until approximately 5:00PM and will continue every other Saturday after the 7th for at least six weeks. All classes are open to the public and will be held at the Socialist Party of Michigan state office in Kalamazoo.

Socialism on Trial consists of Cannon’s verbatim courtroom testimony from the 1941 Minneapolis trial in which leaders of the Socialist Workers Party were charged with violating the Smith Act by allegedly “plotting the violent overthrow of the US government” by engaging in socialist political activism. On the witness stand, Cannon is asked to testify in great detail about the theory and history of socialism in both the United States and Russia. Instead of merely trying to defend his innocence of violating the dubious charges arising from the Smith Act, Cannon uses the trial as an opportunity to educate the public about what socialism really is. As a result of Cannon’s extensive testimony, Socialism on Trial has become one of the best and most well known introductions to revolutionary democratic socialism.

Copies of the book can be obtained several different ways. You can print the book directly from the Marxists Internet Archive by clicking hereYou can also purchase a new copy for $16 from Pathfinder Press by clicking here or a new or used copy starting at nine dollars from by clicking hereYou can also purchase an internet-printed copy in a three-ring binder directly by the SPMI for five dollars to cover printing costs. If you intend to purchase a three-ring binder copy from the SPMI, please let us know in advance by contacting us by email at LAN_EMAIL_SUBS or by phone at (269) 598-0534.

The Socialist Party of Michigan state office, where all class-discussions will be held, is located at 508 E. Frank St. #3 Kalamazoo, MI 49007. From the East take I-94 to the Westnedge exit (Exit 76) and proceed north. After several miles you will pass Bronson Park on your right and the next street will be Michigan running east-west through downtown. Turn right onto Michigan and proceed for approximately half a mile. Within approximately 200 yards after passing over the train tracks, turn right onto Walbridge (this is a little cross street that is right before Michigan stops being one- way). Take Walbridge 3 blocks to Frank Street. Turn right on Frank St. and park. The SPMI state office is the large grayish warehouse on the corner and the buzzer is #3. A map and directions directly from your starting point can be obtained by going to or

Click Here to Download Our Flyer for the SPMI Socialism On Trial Class Series for Printing and Distribution

Nov 15

SPMI Voter Outreach Mobilization Saturday November 19th

The Socialist Party of Michigan will be holding its second Voter Outreach mobilization on Saturday November 19th in which we will hand out copies of our Voter Outreach flyer to residents in one of the districts in Detroit with the highest vote totals for Socialist and Green candidates in the 2004 elections. We will be meeting at 2:00PM at the McDonalds at the Southwest Corner of E. Seven Mile Rd. and Gratiot Ave. in Detroit.

Copies of the Voter Outreach flyer will be available for all members to hand out when they arrive. If you’d like to bring your own copies, you can download the flyer for printing by clicking hereBelow are directions to the meeting place for the event from Flint, Ann Arbor, Kalamazoo, and Lansing. For road closing information, visit the Michigan Department of Transportation website or contact them by phone at: 1-248-483-5208. Directions directly from your starting point can be obtained by going to and typing “Gratiot Ave. and E 7 Mile Rd. Detroit, MI 48205” as the destination.

From Flint:
1: Start out going SOUTHEAST on S SAGINAW ST toward
MI-21 E/W 5TH ST.
2: Turn LEFT onto E 5TH ST/MI-21 E.
3: Merge onto I-475 S/UAW FWY.
4: I-475 S/UAW FWY becomes I-75 S.
5: Take the M-102 exit- EXIT 59- toward 8 MILE ROAD.
6: Stay STRAIGHT to go onto S CHRYSLER DR.
8: Turn LEFT onto 8 MILE RD E. 5.5 miles
9: Turn RIGHT onto SCHOENHERR ST. 0.9 miles
10: Turn LEFT onto 7 MILE RD E. 0.3 miles
11: End at Gratiot Ave & E 7 Mile Rd
Detroit, MI 48205, US

From Ann Arbor/Kalamazoo:

1: Take I-94 East to the M-3/GRATIOT AVE exit- EXIT
2: Turn RIGHT onto GRATIOT AVE/MI-3. 3.3 miles
3: End at Gratiot Ave & E 7 Mile Rd

From Lansing:
1: Start out going SOUTH on TOWNSEND ST toward W
2: Turn RIGHT onto W ST JOSEPH ST.
3: Turn LEFT onto S WALNUT ST.
4: Turn LEFT onto W MAIN ST.
5: Merge onto I-496 E via the ramp on the LEFT.
6: I-496 E becomes US-127 S.
7: Merge onto I-96 E via the exit on the LEFT toward
8: Merge onto I-696 E/WALTER P REUTHER FWY via EXIT
163 on the LEFT toward PORT HURON.
9: Take EXIT 27 toward M-3/GRATIOT AVE.
10: Stay STRAIGHT to go onto E 11 MILE RD.
11: Turn RIGHT onto GRATIOT AVE/MI-3 S.
12: End at Gratiot Ave & E 7 Mile Rd

All SPMI members are strongly encouraged to participate in this important event!

Sep 28

SPMI member heads out to New Orleans

Socialist Party members Sean White (SP New Jersey) and Sam Mesick (SP
Michigan) have joined the Emergency Broadcast System
( and have just given us a call.

Sean says they have stopped in Algeres to help set up a free clinic and
drop off some supplies they brought from Northern NJ. The EBS is also
helping set up a radio station for the Houma (local native american tribe)
They are on their way to New Orleans.

Sep 03

Support the Striking Northwest Workers!

Members of the Socialist Party of Michigan have been on the picketline at the Northwest Terminal of Detroit Metro Airport to support the workers striking against Northwest Airlines. If you’d like to help support the strikers on the picketline, you can park for free at the UAW hall at 29841 Van Born Road, Romulus, MI 48174 where vans go to and from the airport picketline every hour. Click here to download the SPMI flyer for distribution to NWA strikersSocialist Party USA Labor Commission Statement on the NWA Mechanics StrikeThe Labor Commission of the Socialist Party USA is closely following the struggle of mechanics, custodians and cleaners at Northwest Airlines, and we support their decision to strike against NWA’s union-busting tactics and unreasonable demands for further job cuts. The airline industry has gone through a prolonged and massive assault on workers in the name of cutting costs. NWA’s insatiable hunger for profit has already led to 5,000 lost jobs in the last four years. Under the logic of capitalist globalization, 70% of airline maintenance contracts are now done outside of the US. Even smaller, mid-range airplanes are now being sent to El Salvador where workers are paid only a fraction of what their US counterparts earn. We stand in solidarity with the workers of the Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association and oppose the drive by Northwest, and other airlines, to smash unions by cutting jobs, pay, and pensions. We call on the pilots, flight attendants, machinists and all airline industry workers to honor the mechanics’ picket lines and stand united against the airline’s attacks on good jobs. Furthermore, we support efforts to bring together the 15 airline industry unions to better coordinate the mutual aide and protection of workers against their common employers.

As the Socialist Party Labor Commission, we are committed to building broad-based community support for the welfare of the working class, making real the slogan “an injury to one is an injury to all.”

We encourage our members and friends to:
1) send a letter of support to the AMFA fax at 603-527-9151or email LAN_EMAIL_SUBS
2) If Northwest flies to your local airport, head down to the Northwest terminal and join strikers on the picket line. Bring snacks, water, and picket signs.
3) If you’re a union member, get your local union or Jobs with Justice chapter to support the strikers. Bring other activists out to the line with you and encourage your union to pass a resolution supporting the strikers.
4) Solidarity is especially needed near NWA hubs in Detroit, Minneapolis, and San Francisco. If you live near Detroit, we encourage you to get involved with building community support by contacting Chris Kutalik of Labor Notes at LAN_EMAIL_SUBS.