Brown-Herbert on the Natural Law ballot line

Friday, August 06, 2004In a surprise move that even caught members of his own party off guard, Walt Brown, Socialist candidate for president, was nominated by the Natural Law Party of Michigan to be its candidate on the November ballot.

Brown, along with his vice-presidential candidate, Mary-Alice Herbert, were nominated by the NLP State Convention last week, and have already accepted the nomination.

Originally, the Brown-Herbert ticket was only going to appear on the ballot as official write-in candidates, but since the NLP had not nominated anyone for their top spot, the campaign contacted the party and quickly secured the ballot line.

This will be the first time Socialist presidential candidates have appeared on the Michigan ballot since 1972, when the SP-endorsed campaign of Benjamin Spock was on the ballot as the Human Rights Party.

But Brown and Herbert are not the only Socialist candidates running for election. Three members of the Socialist Party are also running as candidates of the Green Party.

— Ben Burgis, a resident of East Lansing and a graduate student at Western Michigan University, is running for Mich. State University Board of Trustees.

— Lisa Weltman, a resident of Detroit and a part-time instructor at Mott Community College, is running for U.S. Congress in the 14th District.

— Lloyd Clark, a resident of Essexville and a disabled worker, is running for Bay County Commission in the 2nd District.

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