An Open Letter to All Soldiers and Their Families

Saturday, August 14, 2004

We, the Socialist Party of Michigan and working class citizens of Michigan, fully support the desires of the rank and file soldiers of the U.S., Britain, and other countries to be withdrawn from Iraq and around the world immediately and unconditionally!

We further support full democratic rights for military personnel to openly express their feelings and opinions on all matters without repression or disciplinary action! This includes the right to organize, publisize and mobilize concerning all issues, especially the American/British so called “coalition” invasion and occupation of Iraq.

Soldiers are first and foremost citizens, and their democratic rights do not disappear simply because they are in the military or at war. We urge troops and their families to understand their rights and to consider exercising them in protest of U.S. war policies.

The soldiers and the rest of the American people have been lied to from beginning to end about the war in Iraq, as well as other U.S. military interventions in places like Afghanistan, Columbia, Haiti, the Philippines, etc. You have been brave and have sacrificed a great deal, but it has been for a twisted and corrupt cause. This is a hard truth, but one that must be faced.

These military adventures have put you and your’s in danger for reasons that have nothing to do with “democracy” or protecting the American people against “terrorism”. They are about the profits of powerful corporations, the seizure of oil reserves and scarce water, the thirst for empire, the creation and propping up of obedient puppet regimes, and the ambition for world domination, period. These are not reasons for you to be sent off to suffer potential injury, disfigurement, lifelong disability or death for!

Join the international Anti-War movement to end this illegal and profit driven war! No more call ups! No more troop deployments! No more extensions of duty or stop loss orders! Support the troops! Bring them all home alive now from everywhere!

Full democratic rights for soldiers, sailors, airpersons, and marines! Full union rights for all! For election and democratic removal of commissioned and non-commissioned officers at all levels by the rank and file! For the right to refuse suicidal and murderous orders! Restore and increase pay and benefits for the troops and their families! For elected soldier committees and councils! Amnesty for all troops who resist the occupation! For a binding referendum vote by the American people on all issues of war and military intervention! All U.S. and other foreign troops out of Iraq and every other land now!

No use of troops against the people! No use of troops for martial law! Join the people!

The following U.S. organizations are listed solely to help service personnel and their families get help and support in struggling against government policy:

pamphlet_troops.pdf (Download the PDF Flier)

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