SPMI Voter Outreach Event Saturday August 27th

The Socialist Party of Michigan will be holding our Voter Outreach mobilization on Saturday August 27th in which we will hand out copies of our Voter Outreach flyer to residents in one of the districts in Detroit with the highest vote totals for Socialist and Green candidates in the 2004 elections. We will be meeting at 12:00PM at the McDonalds at the Southwest Corner of E. Seven Mile Rd. and Gratiot Ave. in Detroit.

Copies of the Voter Outreach flyer will be available for all members to hand out when they arrive. If you’d like to bring your own copies, you can download the
flyer for printing by clicking hereFor road closing information, visit the Michigan
Department of Transportation website
a week before the 27th or contact them by phone at: 1-248-483-5208. Directions directly from your starting point can be obtained by going to Mapquest and typing “Gratiot Ave. and E 7 Mile Rd. Detroit, MI 48205” as the destination. All SPMI members are strongly encouraged to participate in this important event!

Below are directions, from Flint, Ann Arbor, Kalamazoo, and Lansing.

From Flint:
1: Start out going SOUTHEAST on S SAGINAW ST toward MI-21 E/W 5TH ST.
2: Turn LEFT onto E 5TH ST/MI-21 E.
3: Merge onto I-475 S/UAW FWY.
4: I-475 S/UAW FWY becomes I-75 S.
5: Take the M-102 exit- EXIT 59- toward 8 MILE ROAD.
6: Stay STRAIGHT to go onto S CHRYSLER DR.
8: Turn LEFT onto 8 MILE RD E.
10: Turn LEFT onto 7 MILE RD E.
11: End at Gratiot Ave & E 7 Mile Rd
Detroit, MI 48205, US

From Ann Arbor/Kalamazoo:

1: Take I-94 East to the M-3/GRATIOT AVE exit- EXIT 219.
2: Turn RIGHT onto GRATIOT AVE/MI-3.
3: End at Gratiot Ave & E 7 Mile Rd

From Lansing:
1: Start out going SOUTH on TOWNSEND ST toward W WASHTENAW ST.
2: Turn RIGHT onto W ST JOSEPH ST.
3: Turn LEFT onto S WALNUT ST.
4: Turn LEFT onto W MAIN ST.
5: Merge onto I-496 E via the ramp on the LEFT.
6: I-496 E becomes US-127 S.
7: Merge onto I-96 E via the exit on the LEFT toward DETROIT.
8: Merge onto I-696 E/WALTER P REUTHER FWY via EXIT
163 on the LEFT toward PORT HURON.
9: Take EXIT 27 toward M-3/GRATIOT AVE.
10: Stay STRAIGHT to go onto E 11 MILE RD.
11: Turn RIGHT onto GRATIOT AVE/MI-3 S.
12: End at Gratiot Ave & E 7 Mile Rd
Detroit, MI 48205, US

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