SPMI Demonstration Against the U.S. Blockade of Cuba (Kalamazoo)

Sunday October 9, 2022

Demonstration Against the Cuban Embargo
1:30 PM Kalamazoo Federal Building
410 W Michigan Ave.
Kalamazoo Michigan 49007

(Corner of W. Michigan Ave. and Park St.).

SPMI State Meeting
2:30 PM
Shakespeare’s Pub
241 E Kalamazoo Ave.
Kalamazoo, MI 49007

End the Blockade! / Terminar el Bloqueo!
Socialist Internationalism and the Cuban Revolution

The Socialist Party stands in unequivocal solidarity with the Cuban Revolution, and the Cuban people, and against the imperialist blockade and all attempts at regime change. Socialist internationalism means standing with all nations victimized by imperialist domination and exploitation, but especially those nations in which the working classes have built their own states. Socialists living in the US have a duty to do what they can to oppose and undermine imperialist aggressions and interventions. Aiding comrades, especially those who have made successful revolutions must be a priority for socialists around the globe.<BR><BR>

For more than 60 years the Cuban people have suffered because of the illegal blockade of Cuba by the US. The blockade has cost the Cuban economy over $100 billion over its more than six decade existence. This blockade policy constitutes a war crime under the Geneva Convention, to which the US is a signatory. It has also been condemned annually for nearly a quarter century by an overwhelmingly lopsided vote in the UN General Assembly. This illegal, inhumane, and completely failed policy must end…..

Download Full Statement (Leaflet)

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