Sep 10

SPMI State Meeting


MidtownBrewingThe next state membership meeting of the Socialist Party of Michigan will be held in Lansing at the Midtown Brewing Company at 2:00 p.m. on Sunday, September 20th, 2015.

The Midtown Brewing Company is located at at 402 S Washington Square, Lansing, MI 48933.

SPMI members have full voting, motioning, and proposal-making rights at all SPMI state membership meetings. The meeting is open to interested public observers, and members are encouraged to bring along guests.

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Jun 18

Socialist Party of Michigan 2015 State Convention

DowntownLansingLibraryThe 2015 State Convention of the Socialist Party of Michigan will be held in Lansing at the Capital Area District Library (Downtown Branch) from 10:30 am to 5:30 pm on Saturday, July 11th, 2015

The library is located at at 401 South Capital Avenue.  We will be meeting downstairs in Conference Room C.

The State Convention is the highest ranking party business meeting of the Socialist Party of Michigan and is empowered to amend the SPMI State Bylaws and State Platform, adopt, amend, and rescind State Convention resolutions, elect the SPMI’s State Executive Committee officers, and elect the SPMI’s delegates to the Socialist Party USA National Convention.

SPMI State Conventions are held only once every 12 to 24 months, with the aim of full state party membership participation.  All SPMI members from around the state are therefore strongly expected to attend. There is no fee for entry to the Convention, and voting credentials are automatically accorded to all Michigan SPUSA members in good standing. Non-member observers are also welcome to attend.

Please contact the SPMI State Office if you will be lacking a mode of transportation and seek assistance with arranging a possible car pool with another member coming through your area. A collection hat will also be passed around to help subsidize the travel fuel costs of any members who would not otherwise be able to attend.


May 03

Vote No on Proposal 1: Socialist Party Statement on Michigan’s May 5, 2015 Special Election Ballot Proposal

voteno_may5The Socialist Party of Michigan encourages all working class voters of our state to reject the proposed new road-maintenance funding scheme in the May 5, 2015 statewide Special Election (Proposal 15-1). In response to rising corporate investment concerns over the crumbling state of Michigan’s road conditions, the state legislature’s Proposal asks voters to approve a constitutional amendment to authorize raising the state sales tax from six to seven percent, as well as an additional net increase in motor fuel taxes.

Without even considering any rollback to the state’s 86% corporate income tax cut, let alone any reduction to the 20% of general fund dollars allocated to the state’s prison system; the legislature has crafted Proposal 1 with the intent of further saddling the state’s working class and poor with an even greater disparate share of the state’s tax burden. According to current figures from the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, the average cost of sales and excise taxes already amounts to 5.1% of household income for Michigan families in the lowest three-fifths of the income range — and 6.2% of household income for families with incomes in the bottom one-fifth. By contrast, the average percentage of household income paid in sales and excise taxes by Michigan families in the top one-percent of the income range amounts to a mere 0.8%.

In effort to wheedle support from low-income voters, the Proposal would also restore the state’s earned income tax credit to its pre-2011 percentage level. Yet, in at most providing an offset to the accompanying sales and fuel tax hike, the net effect of the state’s earned income tax credit reduction would still essentially remain unchanged. Thus, far from reflecting any intent to mitigate low-income workers’ disparate share of the state’s tax burden, the Proposal is truly aimed at adorning such an imbalance with the badge of state electorate approval.

The Socialist Party of Michigan’s Platform calls for a steeply graduated state income tax to fully replace the state’s regressive sales and fuel taxes, as well as the complete cessation of all private corporate tax breaks and subsidies. Ultimately, we further call for the creation of a massive social surplus to fund Michigan’s public service and community needs through the socialization of the state’s major industries under a democratically planned economic framework.

In order to move beyond the constantly recurring need for band-aid surface fixes, we also call for a significant enhancement to the durable quality of road repair surface-materials—distinctly specified to Michigan weather cycle conditions, as well as the development of ecologically sound alternatives to salt-based snow removal. Furthermore, we call for the wide scale expansion of viable alternatives to roadway-vehicle travel through the development of fully-funded high-speed rail transit systems connecting Michigan’s major cities.

There can be little doubt that the public message sent by Proposal 1’s approval would further embolden legislative efforts to push through other similarly regressive measures, if not also further attempts to leverage the status of public-benefit reductions as a means to elicit voter-acceptance of other future class-targeted attacks. In view of the Proposal’s main objective of shielding the rich from any felt share of the state’s infrastructural maintenance expenses, and correspondingly entailed ratification of the state’s regressively disparate tax burdens, Proposal 1 is altogether no less intolerable than the current conditions that it is framed to address.

Apr 28

Mother’s Day Anti-Drone Demonstration and Statewide Membership Meeting

Mother Jones

The Socialist Party of Michigan will be holding its next statewide membership meeting this Mother’s Day, May 10th, near Battle Creek.

We will also be holding a demonstration to protest the use of drone aircraft at the Battle Creek Air National Guard Base, which serves as an operational center for the MQ-9 Reaper unmanned aerial vehicle.

The Kalamazoo Peace Center will be joining us in organizing this event.

The demonstration will last from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m and will take place at the front entrance to the base, which is located at 3367 West Dickman Road in Battle Creek.

After the demonstration, we will retire to Players Grill for a combination lunch gathering and official meeting.

Players Grill is located at 506 East Michigan Avenue in the nearby village of Augusta, just up the road from the base.

SPMI members have full voting, motioning, and proposal-making rights at all SPMI state membership meetings.  The meeting is open to interested public observers, and members are encouraged to bring along guests.


Apr 26

International Workers Day in Marquette

Attention All Working Class Yoopers! The Socialist Party of Marquette will be hosting a International Worker’s Day March on May 1st at 11:00am. The March will start at the Father Marquette Statue and end on McClellan. There will be a short rally afterward at Harlow Park, so please come and join us in Solidarity!